Useful Information

This page is a gateway to an (I hope!) ever-expanding series of articles and brief tutorials on a variety of subjects. Unless specified otherwise, I am the author/compiler of these pages, although guest writers may appear here from time to time. Check back often, as updates will be happening frequently!

NEW! How to Make PDFs on the Cheap -- Convert MS Word files to PDFs using OpenOffice. This tutorial is aimed at people who have never used OpenOffice before, but may get some utility out of its Export to PDF feature.

Built For Riders: Rights-of-Way, Trackage, and Urban Geography in Early 20th Century North American Streetcar Systems (excerpt from the forthcoming And Then They Took It All Away...).

Tracing Spammers by Tom Barnes-Lawrence.  The first of the guest authors to grace this page presents a small tutorial on finding out who really wants you to buy v1agara and c1alis.

Computer Rhetoric Annotated Links: A bunch of links on how computers and language work together, including information on rhetoric, human-computer interaction, programming, interfaces and operating systems, and computer-mediated communication.

Offline Computer Rhetoric Bibliography: This page provides similar information, but in academic citation form, and for print media.